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Tech Grade 98% Sodium Gluconate For Concrete Using

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Chemical name :Sodium Gluconate

Grade: Tech grade/Food grade

Synonyms: Gluconic acid, sodium salt; Gluconic scid, monosodium salt

Molecular Formula:C6H11O7Na

Molecular weight: 218.14

CAS No.: [527-07-1]



Standard value


White or yellow crystalline powder or granular



Reducing  Sugars


Loss on drying










Heavy metals


PH Value



Sodium gluconate is the sodium salt compound of gluconic acid. In terms of appearance, it is a white crystalline powder that is very soluble in water. As an important chemical raw material, sodium gluconate has a wide range of applications. For example, it is mainly used in construction industry, textile printing industry, metal surface treatment, water treatment industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


Uses of Sodium Gluconate 98% min

  • Construction Industry. It can be used as highly efficient concrete set retarder and good water reducer for concrete, mortar and gypsum. Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to the cement can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, and has a retarding effect, delaying the initial and final setting time of the concrete. Besides, it can improve the strength of concrete.
  • Textile Industry. The sodium gluconate manufactured by Fluffier is widely used in the textile industry, such as for dyeing, printing, and treating the metal surfaces of textiles with water.
  • Water Treatment Industry. Fluffier sodium gluconate for sale has excellent effects of corrosion and scale inhibition, so it is widely used as a water quality stabilizer, for example, as a series of processing agents for circulating cooling water systems in petrochemical industry, low pressure boilers, and cooling water systems for internal combustion engines.
  • Chelating Agent and Cleaning Agent. It can be used as a chelating agent for cement, plating and alumina dyeing industries. Of course, it can be also used as special cleaning agent for steel surface and glass bottles.
  • Food Industry. As a kind of food additive, food grade sodium gluconate can used as a substitute for salt , as well as improve the flavor of food.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry. It can adjust the acid-base balance in the human body to restore the normal function of nerves.


Packing & Loading:

  1. 25 kg/PP bag, 26tons in 20’FCL without pallets;
  2. 1000kg/Jumbo bag with pallet, 20MT in 20’FCL;
  3. 1150kg/Jumbo bag with pallet, 23MT in 20’FCL;


Less 100 tons within 15 days after receive deposit or LC.


Quality Guarantee:

  1. One year guarantee from produced date.
  2. Offer SGS test before shipment if required.


Main Advantages of Our Company

  1. As a leading manufacturer and exporter in China, our company is an enterprise that integrates scientific research, production, sales and service. And Fluffier has always focused on the production of high-quality sodium gluconate and various water treatment chemicals for more than 15 years.
  2. Our company has first-class production equipment and technology, as well as modern instrument monitoring system and testing equipment.
  3. Owning a complete quality management system and quality assurance system. And all of chemicals have passed these certification, they are ISO 9001, SGS, HACCP,etc.
  4. Professional Sales Team. We are always committed to providing customers with excellent services and high-quality products. So far, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, Brazil, India, South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, etc.


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