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1. Product Introduction:

Concrete Accelerator/Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

This product has the technical characteristics of high water reduction rate, high slump resistance, early strength.It can achieve a single concrete to reduce the amount of cement 20-30kg, with good economic benefits.

2.Technical Specification:

Test Items Specification Test Result
Alkali Content% ≤10.0 1.4
Chloride Content % ≤0.200 0.005
Na2SO4Content % ≤10.0 0.5
Water Reducing Rate % ≥25 36
Bleeding Rate% ≤60 0
Air Content % ≤6.0 3.2

concrete accelerator


(1) good adaptability of cement. It has good dispersibility to various Portland cement, common Portland cement, slag Portland cement and various admixtures.
(2) concrete water reduction rate can be up to more than 36%, solid content 40%;
(3) with good slump protection performance, it can achieve no loss of concrete slump of 2h;
(4) it has good early-strength performance, which can accelerate the hardening speed of concrete, realize steam-free curing, accelerate the turnover of precast members’ formwork, and improve work efficiency;
(5) low alkali content, no chloride ions, non-corrosive to steel reinforcement, can significantly improve the durability of concrete;
(6) this product is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly.

4. Packaging:

Liquid PCE:

  1. 200KG per Drum, Net weight 16000kgs=20palletsX4drums/pallet=1FCL(20GP)
  2. 1000KG per IBC, Net weight 18000kgs=18 IBCs=1FCL(20GP)
  3. 21000KG Flexibag Net weight 21000kgs=1 Flexibag=1FCL(20GP)

Powder PCE: 25KG/Bag, Net weight 600kgs=24pcsX25kg/bag=1 Pallet, 12,000KGS=20pallets=1FCL(20GP)




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